Part of our reward system is having our students earn their White Stripe. A White Stripe is required in order for each student to test.

The process involves a “Letter of Recommendation” stating why the student should be eligible to test for a new belt rank. We ask that you share the positive benefits and/or changes on how Martial Arts training has made on your child. When the student attends their next class, the instructor will read the letter at the end of class in front of all the attending students. They will then obtain their white stripe on their belt.

Not only does this give instructors a barometer for the effectiveness of our program, but more importantly when shared with our students, it gives them tremendous incentive for continuing to develop in those areas in the future.

A guardian, teacher or any other prominent adult figure in the child’s life may submit a letter or recommendation by completing the form on this page or by sending a printed/handwritten letter with the student the next time they attend class. The White Stripe Letter can be submitted anytime. If they are Testing, it must be submitted prior to Testing day.

As always, thank you for your support in making our program a success.